TVS Racing promoting motorsport for kids with KidZania

Written by Tanisha Arora

TVS is now the official Indian two-wheeler brand partner of KidZania. KidZania is present in Noida, Delhi NCR and Mumbai, Maharashtra. TVS Racing is partnering with KidZania to create a first-of-its-kind racing experience for young enthusiast riders aged 5-16. Promoting motorsports as a career in India, TVS wants to attract young riders and groom them through their TVS Racing vertical.

The partnership is an extension of TVS Racing’s commitment to promoting motorsports as a safe and thrilling experience. The experience will be fun and interactive. It will inspire and cultivate passion for racing in the young generation. KidZania’s focus is always on experiential learning and interactive play. The experience zone will offer interactive learning areas, knowledge sharing sessions and a mini track race arena to introduce and promote racing culture.

TVS Racing Experience in KidZania

The TVS Racing Zone will help children gain first hand experience in motorcycle assembly, where a manual guide will be given to kids so as to how to replace or attach a seat, screw or unscrew a headlight, tail lamp, front fairing, side mirrors, tank installment, rear seat. All of the above can be done on a semi-built bike which is available.

Secondly, there’s also a TVS Apache RR 310 Design Studio where children can design their own bikes, as per their choices and preferences. They will be provided with cues, basic understanding of assembly lines and using kits to achieve the final product design.

There’s also a simulating experience of banking and controlling the bike where a child can sit on a simulator and gain basic knowledge of how a bike can be turned, controlled or balanced. After which, a child can earn his own license and move to the race track. This would be a riding license from the riding school at KidZania, for KidZania only. Not for the streets.

Track feel is another experience zone where a small go-kart-like test track is made for kids to test their riding skills. Kids can ride a three-wheeled, balanced motorcycle concept and get a feel of what it is to ride a vehicle with a handlebar, and not a steering, unlike go-karts.

TVS has also kept on display (and for purchase) riding gears. This is also an added benefit for those who choose to participate as a bike rider. Gears like gloves, jackets, caps, bags, etc. are designed and arranged for the kids so they can get a complete motorcycle & motorsports exposure.

TVS Racing has started One Make Championship in 1994 and has trained over 50+ rookie riders since 2021.

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