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TVS planning electric+hybrid scooter with ‘Solar Roof’

Written by Nizam Shaikh

TVS Motors has been working on developing a new scooter with both an electric motor and a hybrid engine with a solar roof. The scooter has been in works for the past couple of years and now, according to a media report, it could come in a concept from couple of years from now, or at least go on display at the 2020 Auto Expo in India.

The brand aims to develop a scooter for personal use as well as some commercial applications, which is more advanced than the current traditional electric scooters in the market. The major differentiation will come from a roof which is equipped with a solar panel.

The solar panel on the roof will charge the onboard battery and the battery will further power the drivetrain. The scooter can be charged on the go with the help of the sunlight and will keep charging when parked outside in the Sun. The solar roof can be used to power the scooter on long commutes and the scooter will not need a charging socket every time.

The roof structure is expected to be made out of lightweight materials like FRP (fibre reinforced plastic), aluminium, sheet metal and polyacrylonitrile. According to the design images, the pillion will have a very comfortable spot with a large backrest and headrest. It will be aerodynamic in nature and will also provide some protection from the weather to the rider and pillion.

The scooter will be in concept phase in the coming years and is expected to debut by the year 2022. It is also speculated that this concept scooter will be a global product, but only time will tell if this electric scooter will make it to the Indian markets and price, that is what is of utmost importance.