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TI Cycles launches Montra City Unplugged e-bicycles

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Montra, a performance brand from TI Cycles, have launched their first e-bicycle in the Indian market. The brand has revealed that the new e-bicycle will come with a price tag of INR 27,279. The brand positions the e-bicycle as an affordable and accessible solution to beat traffic, reduce pollution and save on fuel costs. 

With the sharp increase in fuel prices, more and more people are shifting towards electric mobility. But the electric vehicle technology is still expensive in the Indian market. Another issue that electric vehicle buyer’s face is the charging infrastructure. The charging infrastructure is still developing in the country. e-Bikes provide less range anxiety and have the option of pedal power that will help the rider cover the last mile. The bikes are also lighter than electric vehicles and take up less space. 

Montra City Unplugged e-Bike

The Montra e-bicycle features a lightweight alloy chassis. The lightweight chassis helps the rider manoeuvre with ease. The e-bike also comes with an electric braking system that cuts down the electric power as soon as the brakes are applied. The Montra City Unplugged also comes with dual-mode, allowing the rider to switch between electric and pedal power. Montra claims that the City Unplugged can achieve a top speed of 25 kmph on electric power and deliver a range of 30 km on a single charge. This means, on average, e-Bikes run at the rate of INR 0.7 per km. 

Save Fuel, Save Environment & Automatic Social Distancing

The Montra City Unplugged not only helps save fuel but also enables individuals to lower their carbon footprint. The e-Bike has been designed to offer last-mile travel solutions and small distance commute. The COVID-19 outbreak has put a fear in everyone’s mind, and riding an e-Bike is one of the safest means of travel and provides automatic social distancing. 

The brand has announced that the Montra e-bicycle will be available through its network of dealers pan India. 

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