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This is the most powerful production BMW, the XM Label Red

Written by Kanad Kalasur

BMW has announced the most powerful BMW ever. The BMW XM Label Red will be reaching the dealerships by the end of this year. BMW has already commenced production of this M SUV. The BMW XM is the first SUV from its high-performance M division to feature an electrified powertrain. The XM is also the first dedicated M model since the M1 from the 1970s. In comparison, the current M models from BMW are high-performance versions of standard models in the lineup. But not the XM. However, for some, it could come as a disappointment that the first dedicated M car in a long time is a big hybrid SUV. 

What’s new in the BMW XM Label Red?

On the outside, the BMW XM Label Red will come with a new design that will make it stand apart from the rest of the XMs. The car will get red trim around the windows, grilles, wheels as well as a red XM badge on the grille.

The interiors are equally bold. The SUV gets a special trim to match the theme of the Label Red.

While we are not yet aware of the mechanical changes made to the car, BMW could possibly equip it with upgraded components in the suspension, braking systems and more.

Powertrain of the BMW XM Label Red

Coming to the powerplant of this SUV, the German carmaker has equipped a 4.4-litre twin turbo engine. This powerful engine makes 748 HP and a whooping 1,000 Nm of peak torque.

This motor is assisted by a single electric motor. The electric motor generated 644 HP and 800 Nm of peak torque. The Label Red is likely to have better figures than these as BMW might be looking at offering slightly more power in this version of the XM.

Pricing of the BMW XM Label Red

Coming to the pricing, it is said that the new top-of-the-line BMW XM will start from US$185,000. In comparison, the standard XM will set you back by US$ 159,000 in the international market.

We are not yet sure if this variant of the performance SUV would make its way to our shores.

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