The Original Royal Enfield & Racing V Twins helmets coming soon

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Royal Enfield is celebrating the brand’s 120th Anniversary as a leading global mid-size motorcycle manufacturer. Earlier this week, the brand also announced the launch of a new range of limited edition helmets. The new limited range of Royal Enfield helmets consists of hand-painted helmet designs. Artists at Royal Enfield designed the helmets commemorating the twelve decades of Royal Enfield’s rich history.

The Original Royal Enfield & Racing V Twins Helmet Design

Artists will hand paint 12 Helmet designs, one for each decade. These designs draw their inspiration from the poster/advertorials starting from 1901 till 2021. The first two helmet designs will be available for sale for motorcycling enthusiasts. This includes ‘The Original Royal Enfield’, which went live on 18th October and ‘The V Twin’, which will go live today. Furthermore, the brand also revealed that the Original Royal Enfield helmet would go on sale from 23rd October and the V Twin helmet from 24th October 2021.

The Original Royal Enfield Helmet

The Original Royal Enfield Helmet draws inspiration from the 1900s era. The design was inspired by the Royal Enfield’s first motorcycle at London’s Stanley Cycle Show in November 1901. This day marked the brand’s entry into the two-wheeler world. Powering the brand’s first motorcycle was a 1 ½ Hp single-cylinder engine. The engine was placed ahead of the handlebars and powered the rear wheel using a crossed-over rawhide belt. The uniqueness of the helmet follows the simplistic design of the motorcycle.

The open-face helmet comes with ISI, DOT and ECE certification and approximately weighs about 1280 grams. The helmet comes with Premium Leather with Polygiene treated fabric internals and hand-stitched leather trims. The new helmet also comes with a face-covering bubble visor with a UV coating. The helmet is priced at INR 6950 and will go on sale on 23rd October at noon exclusively. The brand will retail only 120 units of the limited edition helmet.

The Racing V Twin Helmet

The Royal Enfield Racing V Twin helmet drew inspiration from the 1910s Era when both speed and reliability were critical. Back then, V-twin engines formed the backbone of the Royal Enfield range, and customers were fond of their reliability, performance and ease of maintenance. The second helmet draws inspiration from the Royal Enfield V Twin motorcycles, which were instrumental in winning races around the world as well as the renowned TT races. The collector’s item will come with a price tag of INR 8450, and the brand will retail only 120 units of the helmet. 

The Racing V Twin helmet comes with handcrafted designs on the shells. The helmet also gets Ventilation with an ON/OFF front Chin & Top vents and Rear exhaust hot air remover integrated into the design. The brand also offers features such as switch operated Sun Visor at the exterior, the Main visor with Anti-fog film and “Polygiene” Anti-microbial treated internals. The helmet also comes with a Neck curtain and D ring for higher safety, and it gets ISI, DOT and ECE certification. 

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