The limited, 60th Anniversary edition 2016 Yamaha R1

The limited, 60th Anniversary edition 2016 Yamaha R1
Written by Paarth Powale

No doubt the Yamaha R1 is a stunning looking motorcycle in its blue and grey paint scheme, but nothing beats the legendary ‘Speed Block’ livery. Celebrating Yamaha’s 60th Anniversary, the brand has given all its sports category motorcycles the ‘Speed Block’ livery. The striking combination of yellow, black and white with the Akrapovic exhaust is one hell of a catch. Rest of the bike remains stock.

Yamaha released this paint scheme to commemorate its 60 years of dedication to racing. The race version with race numbers and sponsor stickers looks even more beautiful. Powering the R1 is a 998cc 4 cylinder engine that puts out a good 200 bhp. With its 6 axis internal measurement system, it is one of the best liter class motorcycle out there.

Check out the YZF-R1 in action in the video below.