Guy saves girl while crashing on a motorcycle – Insane

Guy saves girl while crashing on a motorcycle – Insane!
Written by Paarth Powale

Riding in the rains is fun but also more dangerous. Slightest amount of oil or gravel can lead to a disaster. We recently came across a rainy crash video, captured by a helmet mounted camera. The location of the crash is unknown but assumed that it happened in Thailand from the language they speak in the video.

The guy riding with a girl on the Kawasaki Z800 at around 90 kmph slipped and fell. But as soon as he fell, he pulled the girl close to him while sliding, to avoid being hit by the sliding bike and the wall that they were about to hit. It’s a good thing both of them were wearing full gear and helmet. Both of them survived and walked away from the crash.

We are unsure if the crash was due to oil or gravel on the road, or if the bike hydroplaned. But we know this crash could have been avoided if they were slower on their motorcycle. Check out some safe riding tips for monsoon we advise you follow – Click Here