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STUDDS launches riding jackets in India starting from INR 6,500

Written by Nayak

Studds Accessories Ltd. announces the launch of its range of riding jackets. This is the first time that Studds will enter the motorcycle accessories segment with riding jackets. The company confirmed that these jackets would also provide the utmost safety for the rider, just like its range of helmets. One of the key highlights of this jacket is the use of a breathable mesh which helps in enhancing the airflow. Customers will also get a removable thermal jacket, which helps in trapping warmth during winter.

To ensure full comfort, Studds has equipped the jacket with quick and simple-to-use adjustable elbow straps. Along with this, Studds has also provided an adequate number of pockets to carry keys, mobile and other necessary accessories. In terms of safety, the jacket gets a back protector, elbow protector and shoulder protector. Additionally, the jacket also has Impact Protectors, Thermal Inner Jacket and Rain Liner.

Price and Color Details

Entering the jacket segment for the first time, Studds has put up a very competitive price for its range of riding jackets. The company confirmed that the range starts at INR 6,500, and it is available in two different designs. One of them is finished in Black, meanwhile, the other option is a combination of Fluorescent Green and Black. Studds is offering this jacket in three sizes, namely, small, medium and large. These jackets are up for sale at all Studd Accessories Ltd dealer networks and EBOs across the country.

Studds Accessories

Studds Accessories Limited is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheeler helmets. It sells under the brand name Studds and SMK Helmets. It is pretty much evident that Studds keeps on updating its range of products at regular intervals. Thus, keeping the competition up to date and also providing the customers with all the latest products. It has its presence in over 40 countries around the globe and stands as one of the most sold helmet brands. Here in India as well, it has a strong market share, and with the introduction of jackets, the brand’s popularity will grow even further.

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