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Studds Crest full face helmet launched at INR 995

Written by Nayak

Studds, the world’s largest two-wheeler helmet manufacturer in terms of volumes sold per year announces the launch of a new series named Crest. A recent notification from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) declared a ban on the sale of non-ISI helmets in the market. In fact, about a month ago, the Cyberabad police busted a fake ISI-helmet producing manufacturer based in Ghaziabad.

Key Features of Crest Helmet

Studds equipped the outer shell of the helmet with a special high impact grade thermoplastic which provides the utmost protection in case of any mishaps. The other key features include the use of silicone-coated quick release visor, regulated density EPS, hypoallergenic liner, quick release chin strap, detachable cheek pad with chin air vents and air exhausts improves the riding comfort. To improve the aerodynamics, Studds designed the helmet in a way that will reduce the drag pressure when the rider is travelling at high speed. To add to the convenience of the rider, Crest helmets get a quick release feature of the chin strap which enables the rider to remove and fasten the helmet with a flick of their fingers. On the inside, the inner padding made from high-quality fabric and hypoallergenic liner decreases the chances for any allergies or illnesses which is a common problem faced by most of the riders due to sweat and moist environment. Studds recently launched many helmets series which include, Ninja Elite Super D4 Décor, Thunder D7 Décor Helmet and Cub D4 Décor Helmet to name a few.

Price and Sizes Available

Studds is offering the helmet in various sizes so that customers can find the best fit according to their head shape and size. There are three sizes available – Medium(570MM), Large(580MM) and Extra Large(600MM). The proper fitment of a helmet is very crucial in case of any impact or accidents. In many reports, the final verdict suggests that a tight-fitting helmet is the best fitment and always avoid wearing a loose-fitting helmet. In fact, the half-face helmets are also of no use, as they do not provide any protection to the lower jaw and chin area.

Studds Ninja Elite Super D4 Decor helmet
Studds Thunder D7 Decor Helmet