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Studds launches Thunder D7 Décor Helmet for INR 1,795

Written by Nayak

Studds has launched its new helmet named ‘Thunder D7 Decor Helmet’. Studds is the world’s largest two-wheeler helmet manufacturer and has various different types of helmets in its portfolio. The two flagship brands under its name are Studds and SMK Helmets and these have been a hit in the India two-wheeler community.

Thunder D7 Decor Helmet is a full-face helmet with a mirror-finish visor and has features like regulated EPS, UV resistant paint, hypoallergenic and replaceable liner, chin strap, quick release visor and more. The dynamic ventilation system helps to keep the rider sweat-free with the help of air vents at the top and chin which improves the airflow. There are exhausts given in the back to vent out the hot humid air from inside the helmet and keeps the rider cool and refreshed. The hypoallergenic liner helps a lot to mitigate against the growth of fungus due to damp and sweat usually during the rainy season.

The outer shell is developed using a special high impact grade thermoplastic which gives it a sturdy build and helps to absorb all the knocks in case of an accident. The helmet has been shaped in a way to reduce drag and thus improve the overall aerodynamic efficiency and the included soft liner gives a very comfortable feel to the rider as well.

Recently, Studds had launched the Cub D4 Decor Helmet and Thunder D6 Decor Helmet which were priced at INR 1,175 and INR 1,795 respectively. The latest launched Thunder D7 Decor Helmet is priced at INR 1,795 and is available in 7 different colours; Red, Neon Yellow, Matt Blue, Matt Turquoise, Matt Red, Matt Neon Yellow and Matt Neon Green. This helmet is available in three different sizes; Medium(570MM), Large(580MM) and Extra Large(600M), so that customers can buy the helmet which fit them the best. A loosely fitted helmet is a very serious concern as it does not offer optimum protection during an accident and there are high chances that the helmet might come off and thus leaving the rider’s head without any protection.