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Steelbird SA-2 2-in-1 Helmet launched at INR 4,499

Written by Akhil Dalvi

One of Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturers, Steelbird Hi-Tech India Limited, has launched its new SA-2, 2-in-1 helmet in India. Priced at INR 4,499, the helmet features BIS (IS 4151:2015) certification and can enhance convenience during winters. Steelbird states that the SA-2, 2-in-1 helmet will enhance rider safety whilst offering a comfortable ride during long journeys.

Additionally, the brand has ensured to equip the helmet with features that focus on personal hygiene without compromising on style. Steelbird will offer the new SA-2, 2-in-1 helmet in 3 sizes- Medium (580mm), Large (600mm), and XL (620mm). Riders can book or purchase the new helmet via Steelbird’s official online website or their outlets across India.

Steelbird SA-2, 2-in-1 Helmet: Technical Details 

Steelbird has equipped the new helmet with a winter padding liner that retains heat to keep the rider warm while riding. The new SA-2, 2-in-1 interior sports a detachable interior wherein the rider can change the interior based on the season. Along with a detachable waterproof neck pad with a zip, Steelbird also offers a summer-specific interior for the new helmet. The brand has also ensured to use a soft fleece fabric on the cheek pads and the winter padding liner.

To improve hygiene, the new SA-2, 2-in-1 helmet sports a removable interior padding that riders can wash whenever they please. Focusing on comfort, the brand has ensured to combine advanced elements on the helmet, making it ideal for long journeys. Steelbird has equipped the new SA-2, 2-in-1 helmet with a Polycarbonate (PC) anti-scratch coated visor and an anti-fog shield. This prevents the build-up of fog on the visor, reduces the risk of accidents during winters, and enhances protection.

Other News 

During the first week of December 2021, Steelbird launched their touchscreen-friendly riding gloves in India, which even work during winters. Launched in Full-Finger and Half-Finger versions, the gloves feature a breathable mesh fabric that improves air circulation and ventilation. With great attention to detail, the gloves sport a cushioned palm rest and anti-skid fabric for better grip. Steelbird claims that customers can use the gloves during gymming, riding bikes, climbing, hiking, cycling, camping, etc.

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