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Steelbird launches SA-2 helmet priced at INR 3,849

Written by Nayak

Steelbird announces yet another helmet series. Named ‘SA-2’, this helmet series looks quite attractive with its quirky body graphics and decals. Alongside this, the helmet also comes with other comfort and hygiene elements. For example, the multiple air vents help ensure perfect ventilation, thus providing the utmost comfort for the rider. The helmet also comes with removable interior padding and cheek pads. This comes in handy when the rider wants to clean the pads and keep the helmet clean and tidy. Steelbird claims that the helmet uses advanced technology, which enhances the quality and performance of the helmet.

More Features

Steelbird uses metallic quick release buckles that add to the convenience. This buckle also meets European Standard, thus making it one of the safest retention systems in the helmet industry. The company has taken care of the wind noise by providing the helmet with a wind deflector. The equipped vortex generators further enhance the air friction-reducing capability of the helmet. To ensure the full safety of the rider, Steelbird is using a high impact thermoplastic material shell.

The visor is also anti-fog, thus enhancing visibility in the winter season. The helmet also boasts a high-density EPS and polycarbonate visor with an anti-scratch coating. For riders who want something to look cool, the SA-2 helmet is a perfect choice. In fact, the rear side of the helmet even gets a spoiler for the sporty look. Furthermore, the helmet also gets BIS certification to conform with IS 4151:2015 norms.

Price And Available Sizes

Making the helmet suitable for all head sizes and shapes, Steelbird is offering three different sizes. These are Medium-580mm, Large-600mm and XL-620mm. The range for the SA-2 helmet series starts at INR 3,849 and is available in different colours and decals. Steelbird further confirmed that this helmet series is already on sale. Customers interested in buying can visit Steelbird’s official website or visit any Steelbird outlet spread across the country.

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