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Steelbird & Blauer launch Brat helmet in India at INR 5,149

Written by Nayak

Steelbird in collaboration with Blauer launches a new range of helmets named ‘BRAT’. Blauer is a US-based company that deals in the manufacturing of high-performance protective apparel. The US-based company wants to make an impact in the Indian market and plans to launch more products soon. Steelbird is synonymous with safety and this collaboration with Blauer will aim to meet the demand of the Indian riders. Steelbird claims that BRAT is the perfect helmet with a blend of both safety and style. In terms of compliance, the helmet meets both the European and ISI standards. The dual certification will add to the reliability points, thus attracting a lot of audiences.

Key Features Of The Helmet

The exterior of the helmet is made of a high-impact Thermoplastic shell. This makes the helmet lightweight yet very strong thus, providing excellent protection in case of any mishap. The designer interiors and exteriors add to the aesthetic value, attracting the young riders. Keeping in mind the extreme climate conditions of India, Steelbird made certain additions. Firstly, the use of REACH fabric keeps the helmet fresh and clean in the hot scorching Indian summers. The helmet also gets a quick release buckle, which adds to the rider’s convenience. Steelbird claims that the Brat range of helmet with its unique and international outlook, safety standards and vibrant colour graphics will grab the attention of the young enthusiast riders.

Price, Colour And Size

Steelbird confirmed that the Brat range of helmets is available at all Steelbird outlets and official websites. More often, we see people wearing a loose-fitting helmet, which can be very fatal in case of accidents. A properly fitting helmet enhances the safety of the rider to the maximum level and thus, it is very crucial to buy the proper size. To help customers to get the best fitting helmet, Steelbird is offering the Brat helmet series with sizes starting from, XXS to XL. In terms of colours, there are various options which include, White Black, Indigo Blue Black, Grey-Black, Black White, Black Yellow, Black Titanium and Black Red. Steelbird has put an asking price of INR 5,149 for the Brat helmet series.