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FIA & Steelbird collaborate for global road safety programme

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

FIA (International Automobile Federation) announces its new partnership with Steelbird to provide safe and affordable helmets for two-wheeler riders. Steelbird is one of the largest helmet manufacturers in the world, with a reputation for manufacturing relatively high-quality helmets at an affordable price, thus compelling FIA to sign the partnership for its global road safety program. The main objective of the program is to provide high-quality helmets meeting United Nations Regulation 22.05 in the countries which are low-quality non-compliant helmets are driving the maximum of the sales. Recently, the Keep Fighting Foundation, founded by the family of Michael Schumacher donated five thousand helmets thus providing their support to this project.

Steelbird’s Contribution Under This Partnership

As per the plan, Steelbird will produce 240,000 helmets per year for this program. This is a highly ambitious project by FIA, to provide UN compliant helmets that are comfortable in the hot and humid climate and are available at a target selling price of 20 USD. The FIA Safety department used its expertise and made significant inputs to this project. There are a lot of developing countries where motorised two-wheelers play a major role in carrying out different jobs and contribute a major part to their country’s economy, but due to the high purchase price of the helmets, the riders are not able to wear helmets. Multiple research reports confirmed that wearing a helmet is one of the most effective road safety initiatives which reduces the chances of head injuries thus reducing fatalities to a great extent.

Steelbird Helmets

This Indian helmet manufacturer is dubbed as the largest helmet manufacturer in the world in terms based on the volume of production. There are a total of 6 manufacturing plants in the country and the largest one being in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh spread across a total area of six lakh sq. ft. area and has a production capacity of 22,000 helmets per day. Studds also keeps on updating its lineup of products at regular intervals, like the recent introduction of, Urban Super D1 Décor helmet series, Ninja Elite Super D5 Décor helmet series, Studds Chrome D5 Decor helmet series and more.