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Sony launches XS-AW8 compact subwoofer for cars

Written by Nayak

Sony has announced yet another innovative product for the audiophiles. The new compact and ultra-slim subwoofer ‘XS-AW8’ which is designed in a way to offer the best dynamic bass by using minimal space in cars.

The compact design of this subwoofer will be its main USP enabling customers owing cars across all the body types to buy this product. The integrated built-in amplifier will help in dissipating the heat efficiently that safeguards the internal circuit and components of the speaker and also restricts any unwanted vibration and distortion. Customers need not add any preamp outputs and this subwoofer will work with the existing OEM infotainment system as well. Users just need to connect the speaker properly as per the user guide and they are good to go. The high-voltage pre-out compatibility ensures that there will be no drop in the quality of the music and customers can utilize high voltage up to 5V for the best-in-class audio quality as claimed by Sony.  The subwoofer will have a peak output of 160W (75 RMS) coupled with dynamic bass which will enable a very high-quality sound output.

Sony has also included a wired remote controller which will be placed near to the driver’s seat so that they could easily control the volume of the subwoofer without any hassle. Sony has also kept in mind the ergonomics of the product and has put all the input and output ports to a single side which will aid in easy installation and tuning. The amplifier also features a variable low-pass filter which will help in connecting to full-range sources. A dedicated switch has been provided to let the user customize the subwoofer’s phase output and to present any reduced bass response from phase cancellation of the other speakers in the system.

Sony mentioned that the new XS-AW8 subwoofer will be available at all the major car accessory shops and car showrooms. The product will be made available across all the Sony authorized dealers and the asking price is set at INR 19,990. The product is expected to be available by the first week of February 2021.