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Smart mobile petrol pump – What is it?

Written by Nayak

Humsafar India has announced the launch of radiofrequency and GPS based petrol pumps. Named Urja, these mobile petrol pumps will help deliver fuel to the farm sector, malls, hospitals, hotels to save on fuel costs, thus saving time. The mobility aspect of these fuel stations ensures a host of other flexibilities. One of the key features is enhanced agility. This will ensure the delivery of fuel through narrow streets. The equipped IoT and RFID tech helps in providing accurate directions. Moreover, proper tracking of these units will also enhance the safety aspect diminishing the chances of theft and loss.

How To Order Fuel From Urja?

Customers need to first install the Fuel Humsafar App. Once successful, order placement and Urja MPP will directly reach the customer location. Humsafar claims these mobile fuel pumps are quite robust, thus ensuring the least breakdowns and higher profitability. Leveraging geofencing technology, these mobile fuel pumps ensure a full proofed and safe fuel distribution. Moreover, the new smart fuel dispensing system also allows authorization. This will make sure that known coordinates are received from a GPS device, then only fueling will take place.

Doorstep Fuel Delivery And Its Future

Doorstep fuel delivery is still an emerging concept for the Indian market. As per reports, there are many discrepancies in the system. This leads to organisations losing a significant amount in fuel-related wastages. Humsafar is aiming to digitise this sector with its technological prowess and make it more organised.

As of today, Humsafar has a customer base of more than 200 cities spread across various states in the country. Humsafar has already reached an agreement with Indian Oil Corporation Limited and Bharat Petroleum for doorstep delivery under licence SOOB (Startup Owned and Operated Bowser). Consumers in the industries, heavy equipment, the farm sector, malls, colleges, resorts and hotels are the key customers of this service. These mobile fuel stations will come in handy for anyone operating a diesel generator.

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