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Renault & Dacia will set top speed limit at 180 kmph

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Renault will be employing an electronic speed limiter on its vehicle. The head honcho confirms in a general meeting of shareholders that all its cars will come with an electronic speed limit of 180 kmph. The decision will help save lives as excessive speeds are a prime reason for fatalities on the road. Renault and Dacia want to equip their vehicle with an automatic speed control system called the Safety Coach.

Renault Safety Coach

The Safety Coach system will also adjust the vehicle speed according to the local speed limit. The system also considers dangerous curves, weather and the driver’s attention to slow the vehicle to a controllable speed. The brand will employ the new speed limiter system on the Megane-E from 2022.

Speed Limits and Fatality Rates

Reports suggest that there has been only limited research in the field and lives saved due to the implementation of speed limits. But there are examples of success, such as Brandenburg, which started enforcing a speed limit of 130 kmph in 2002. The speed limit covers a 62 km stretch of road on the A24 motorway marked by two cones.

Analytics suggest that in three years the number of accidents was halved from 654 before the speed limit to 337 after the employment of the 130 kmph speed limit. The injuries are also said to come down from 1850 between 1996 to 2002. The number fell to 799 after the enforcement of the speed limit from 2002.

Speed Limit on Volvo and Tesla

Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has also announced that its vehicles will come with a speed limit of 180 kmph to reduce fatal accidents. Technology, electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla also rolled out an Over The Air software update for its vehicles in 2020. This new update ver. 2020.36 can detect the speed limit sign using the onboard camera and GPS data and automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed.

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