Pink autos to run for female passengers in Mumbai soon!

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

For increasing safety for the female commuters, Mumbai RTO might soon give license to female drivers to own and ride ‘special’ autorickshaws meant only for female passengers. Colored pink or orange, these autos will aim at safety for women in the city and could easily be recognizable in traffic so women could travel hassle free and safely.

According to the Transport Minister of Maharashtra, 465 licenses have been approved for women drivers granting to drive autorickshaws. Aiming at providing a livelihood to these women and also leading to safety of female passengers, this step would help in the social development of city and state. These autos are expected to hit the roads by the end of February after completion of all the legal procedures.

The permit of driving the autorickshaw would be available for women soon right after they submit the application, within a time period of just one month. The applied conditions include a permanent resident of Mumbai form at least past 15 years and good communicative skills in Marathi language.