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Okinawa electric scooter prices reduced upto INR 17,900

Written by Nayak

Okinawa, one of the emerging e-mobility companies in India, announces a price cut for its range of products. The recent amendment in the Fame II scheme has increased the subsidy in electric vehicles from INR 10,000 per kWh to INR 15,000. Hence, Okinawa’s range of electric scooters has become affordable by up to INR 17,900 depending upon the model. The company mentioned that the revised slashed price is applicable starting from 11th June 2021. The revision of the Fame II will act as a great incentive in encouraging more customers to opt for electric vehicles.

Okinawa’s iPrase+ Is One Of The Top Selling Products

The demand for electric scooters in India is growing at a substantial pace. And, we are pretty much sure that in the coming years, the demand will reach new heights, thus crossing the sales of fossil fuel-powered vehicles. The Central Government and various State Governments are also introducing schemes favouring the sale of electric vehicles. Okinawa Autotech mentioned that its sales increased three-fold in the last few months.

Okinawa iPraise

One of the top-selling products from Okinawa stable is the iPraise+. The scooter comes with a lot of innovative and intelligent features. One of these is the IOT-enabled Mobile Application named – ‘Okinawa Eco App’. The app allows the rider to record riding statistics, get directions and add emergency contacts as well. One of the main USPs of iPraise+ is its claimed riding range of 160 to 180 km per single charge. Along with this, Okinawa also claims that iPraise+ is close to 30 to 40 per cent lighter than its rival electric scooters.

Price Details

After the revised Fame II subsidy, Okinawa has updated its price list. The top-selling iPraise+ used to retail at INR 1,17,600 earlier. Now the model is priced INR 99,708, i.e. down by INR 17,892. The Praise Pro received a price slash of INR 7,947 and now has a sticker price of INR 76,848. The most affordable product in the range of Okinawa is the Ridge+ which now costs INR 61,791 as against INR 69,000 before the amendment.

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