‘Noise Camera’ to target loud exhaust users

Written by Nizam Shaikh

A new noise monitoring camera system is being tested by the Department of Transport in the UK, that will be able to target vehicles that infringe the noise regulations set by the Government. The prototype ‘noise camera’ has been commissioned by the Government in the UK, which measures the sound levels of passing vehicles and then uses the Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system to identify the offenders. The noise cameras will be employed in several locations in the country over the next seven months.

According to the Department of Transportation, serious health impacts can occur to people exposed to very loud noises emitted from illegally modified vehicles, apart from making the lives miserable, especially for people living in the rural communities. The Government has not changed any legal noise limits but the current enforcement is subjective and the new measurement system will ascertain whether the legal noise limit has been violated.

The authorities mandate that the vehicle in service must be maintained and must not be modified to increase noise. The system is not intended to target law-abiding drivers but violators of the noise limits.

Many car and bike users fit aftermarket exhaust systems to get a better aural experience. What is the issue here, is that most of these users sometimes make use of track-spec exhaust systems which may be louder, and not suitable for street use. It is very difficult for retailers to ensure where the customer makes use of this exhaust, but these noise cameras can do wonders if they function just right, to making life easier and quieter for those living close to the streets.