Dainese reveals new airbag equipped vest

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Italian protective gear manufacturer Dainese has introduced a new vest equipped with the brand’s D-air technology, which is an airbag system for the rider used in the MotoGP. The new Smart Jacket can be worn under or over the jacket without the need of it being connected to the motorcycle. The Smart Jacket design is flexible and can be folded to be stored in a backpack or the motorcycles luggage compartment, when not in use. The D-air Smart Jacket will cost around GBP 569.95 which converts to around INR 49,832 which is not exactly cheap, but even life isn’t.

The brand has researched the D-air system for over 25 years and the new Smart Jacket employs the learnings of the research in the form of an advanced triggering algorithm which uses data from seven sensors at the speed of 1000 times per second and the data is processed by an electronic control unit, which essentially is the Brain of the product, that analyses the dangerous situation and if necessary activates the airbag system. The D-air protection system also includes stationary impact protection.

The D-air system covers the rider’s chest and back and without having a hard shell it can still provide protection compared to a level 1 armour. The airbag inflates in a controlled manner and is opened evenly throughout the entire surface, to create an envelope around the rider’s body. This is achieved from the Dainese’s patented microfilament material which is used on the Smart Jacket.

The Smart Jacket comes with a 26-hour battery with fast charging capabilities, which will enable the rider to use the Smart Jacket for long distance highway touring. It also has a sophisticated ventilation system and is designed to be worn in the rain, thanks to its water-repellant fabric and waterproof D-air system.

The Smart Jacket is available in six sizes, with different versions for men and women.