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New motor bill set to nab violators

New motor bill set to nab violators
Written by Parichay Malvankar

In India, people don’t take road safety too seriously, and that reflects in the number of road accidents recorded every year and the number of deaths caused because of this. Now, the government plans to nab traffic violators and even imprison them in certain circumstances.

  • Penalty up to Rs. 3 lakh along with minimum 7 year imprisonment for death of a child in some situations
  • Penalty of Rs. 5 lakh per vehicle as well as imprisonment for faulty manufacturing design along with cancellation of driving licence for rash and negligent driving
  • Penalty of Rs. 1 lakh or imprisonment of six months to 1 year for using vehciles in unsafe situations
  • For drinking and driving, the first offence will invite a fine of Rs. 25,000 and jail term of up to three months and six month licence suspension. Second time within three years, penalty of Rs. 50,000 and jail term up to one year or both with one year licence suspension.
  • If school bus drivers are caught drunk, penalty of Rs. 50,000 and three years jail term with immediate cancellation of licence
  • Violating traffic signals three times will result in a fine of Rs. 15,000 and licence suspension for a month with compulsory basic training.

With such strict laws, and steep penalties, we hope people take it to the streets more responsibly now and make it a better place. Happy motoring!

Source – ET Auto