MK C2 from Continental highlights the future of braking

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Technology company Continental pioneered the electro-hydraulic brake system called MK C1. The brand has now announced the availability of higher performance – “MK C2.” Continental has revealed that the MK C2 is more compact and lighter so that it is much easier to integrate into smaller vehicle models. The new MK 2 will also easily integrate with new vehicle platforms along with diverse powertrain concepts and varying installation spaces. The new braking system will be a vehicle-specific system application that has also been simplified. The new system will be particularly relevant in view of Automated Driving.

Brake By Wire

The new Continental MK C2 is a “brake-by-wire“ system. In the new system, the brake pedal is decoupled from the actual pressure generation. In electric vehicles the 80 per cent or more of all deceleration events, electric power can be generated through regenerative braking. The new MK C2 with its high level of dynamics can generate brake pressure within a mere 150 milliseconds.

This means the brake pressure is generated whenever the automation or a driver assistance system requires pressure. The brand reveals that the Brake-by-wire will feature will not unsettle the driver through a tangible pedal reaction. Continental reveals that the MK C2 is designed for Automated Driving according to SAE Level 3 or higher.

Future Brake Systems

The brand has announced that the future of brake systems must not just be capable of decelerating car safety. The braking system should also be available to contribute to the efficiency of the vehicle. This includes generating brake pressure very quickly when active driving safety requires it. The brand reveals that the MK C2 can increase the recuperation efficiency by up to 30 per cent on a hybrid braking system. The Continental MK C2 can be applied with a mechanical pedal equivalent to a hydraulic fallback level or with an electronic pedal equal to without hydraulic fallback level.

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