Military grade technology to protect your bike – Can this be real?

Written by Paarth Powale

A few inventors are looking for some funding on kickstarter to develop a device called the ‘D shield’ that can stop drivers reversing into your parked motorcycles by creating an invisible shield.

This device does uses military radar technology which is also used to detect surface to air missiles in aircrafts. The created shield works on the same concept of Dopplers technology. So any object that enters the created bubble or shield sets off the alarm on the device warning the driver of the car reversing, avoiding a collision. The inventors claim that the device is completely waterproof and wireless and it can easily be installed or stuck to your bikes fairing or tank.

D shield

D shield

This may seem like a useless device to many but the riders whose bike has been knocked off the side stand would realize the need for this. They’d rather get this precautionary device than pay for the expensive repair bill of a cracked fairing or worse, a broken clutch or brake lever leaving them stranded at the parking spot.

Supporting the development cost for mass producing with amount $79 dollars will acquire you the ‘D-shield’ and will be shipped to you anywhere in the world. You can search for ‘D shield’ on kickstarter.com to help the team build this.

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