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Michelin launches Energy XM2+ tyres for INR 5090 onwards

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Michelin has announced new Energy XM2+ tyres for the Indian market, which replace the older Energy XM2 range. These new tyres have been positioned for daily commuters who also want the rubber to perform when need be. The brand claims that the performance and safety from these tyres will stay optimum till the end of life cycle of these tyres. These new Energy XM2+ tyres are suitable for small and mid-size passenger cars.

The new Michelin XM2+ tyres have been priced at INR 5,090 onwards and will be sold in 30 sizes ranging between 12″ to 16″ and should suit hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and MUVs. The new rubber will be available at authorised stores by early 2020.

The Michelin Energy XM2+ come with full-silica rubber compound allowing the cars to stop 2.4 metres before on wet road surfaces and 2.2 metres in advance in worn condition; this is in comparison to tyres from competitors. These new tyres will also offer a longer mileage life by 29% than the competitor. The new tyres have a stronger link for the filler-filler molecular bond, this reduces the rate at which the tyre wear happens. There is alternate bridge technology in the tyres which reduces shuffling in the tread block which also effectively increases the tyre life.

The difference between the old and new tyres is the ‘+’ rating on the sidewall. There is also a Green X marking since this tyre helps in fuel efficiency as well.