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MG ONE SUV based on SIGMA platform revealed

Written by Nizam Shaikh

MG recently unveiled the exterior design of the new MG One SUV in the international market. Now the brand has revealed details of the SIGMA platform that underpins the MG One SUV. The new architecture helps optimise space on the SUV as well as functional elegance. The new platform also provides the base for cutting edge digital technology.

MG One SIGMA Platform – Compressing Mechanical Space

The SIGMA platform is a new architecture that can compress the mechanical space of the automobile. This means the brand can dedicate more room to the interiors of the vehicle. MG claims that the brand has developed interior space efficiency by up to 70%, using the SIGMA platform. The platform also helps balance exterior shape and interior space and offers a more ergonomically optimised interior layout.

MG One SIGMA Platform – Machinery & Intelligence

The SIGMA platform exceeds the differences between horsepower and the software’s ability, thus creating a fusion of machinery and intelligence. The SIGMA platform boasts of having “expanded the limit of automotive platforms”, as it is based on the concept of new-age intelligence. The astonishingly modular platform features over 100 modules that can be used in flexible combinations, thus creating diverse architecture designs. Using the platform, MG will create various body types, including hatchbacks, notchbacks, sports cars, SUVs, off-roaders, etc. This also allows the brand to meet the user’s varied requirements.

MG One SIGMA Platform – Range of Powertrains

The SIGMA platform allows the brand to incorporate a more extensive range of power and torque powertrains. It can also accommodate new generation engines and hybrid drive methods. The SIGMA platform will also empower MG One to integrate a powerful chip technology, an active digital ecosystem, advanced electric architecture, and hard-core software technology.

More details on the MG One mid-size SUV is awaited.

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