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Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX debuts with more than 1,000 km of EV range

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the new VISION EQXX electric vehicle in a digital presentation. The brand announces that it is driven by “the idea of zero impact on our planet”. The brand also reveals that the company’s responsible use of green energy, and the brand has inspired its engineers to go above and beyond. The company is working intensively to take range and efficiency to a whole new level. The Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX breaks through all the technological barriers lifting energy efficiency to new heights.

Mercedes-Benz EQXX will use a cutting-edge electric drivetrain and use lightweight engineering and sustainable materials. The VISION EQXX will also make use of advanced software, as well as innovative and intelligent efficiency measures to explore the new frontiers of efficiency. The German brand claims that the VISION EQXX is what the brand imagines as the future of electric cars. So much so, that the Mercedes-Benz EQXX claims 1000 km on a single charge of battery.

Designed For Road Trips

Mercedes-Benz claims that the VISION EQXX has been designed to make road trips without tailpipe emissions. The brand boasts that road trips have been a cultural touchstone for at least 70 years and the VISION EQXX will carry the legacy forward. The Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX features an outstanding energy consumption of less than 10 kWh per 100 kilometres which translates to efficiency of more than 6 miles per kWh.


The brand also claims that the VISION EQXX benchmarks efficiency of 95% from the battery to wheels. The battery of the EQXX holds almost 100 kWh yet it has 50% less volume and is 30% lighter than the already benchmark pack in EQS. The VISION EQXX also comes with a drag coefficient of cd 0.175 making it one of the most aerodynamic cars. The brand is also using recycled and plant-based materials for the VISION EQXX. The electric-only chassis comes with a lightweight F1 subframe. The VISION EQXX also comes with ultra-thin roof panels to feed the battery system for up to 25 km of extra range. Mercedes-Benz always reveals the goal to “Lead in Electric” and sets benchmarks in sustainable mobility.

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