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Mercedes-Benz looking for dealer partners

Mercedes-Benz looking for dealer partners
Written by Parichay Malvankar

In a bid to increase sales, Mercedes-Benz is looking at expanding its footprint in major cities and suburbs. The company now intends to open up two new dealerships, one in Northwest Mumbai and one in Thane.

Mercedes-Benz is looking at having these dealerships open by 2016. For Thane, the company would prefer a readily available dealer outlet with a minimum infrastructure of 50,000 sq.ft. The company wants the dealership to be located in a prime location for better access to potential customers.

As of now, the dealer partners for Mumbai region are Auto Hangar and Shaman Wheels.

Those who are interested in this venture can write an email to

A new dealership in Thane city is a good idea, since none of the arch rivals are currently located over here. This will give Mercedes-Benz a first mover advantage in tapping new customers.