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Mercedes-AMG SL Roadster body shell revealed, debut in 2021

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mercedes-AMG has revealed the body shell for the next generation Mercedes-AMG SL Roadster. The brand also announced that the all-new Roadster would debut later this year. The brand boasts that the new SL Roadster will feature a completely new vehicle architecture developed by Mercedes-AMG.

The new architecture consists of an aluminium space frame with a self-supporting structure, similar to the first SL in 1952, known for its filigree space frame. But Mercedes-AMG will not carry over even a single component from the preceding SL model. Mercedes-AMG will focus on the Driving Performance characteristic, the lateral and longitudinal dynamics, and comfort and safety to develop the body shell. 

Intelligent material composition 

Mercedes-AMG will be using an intelligent material composition of steel, aluminium, magnesium and fibre composites. This will allow the brand to ensure the highest possible rigidity and also keep the weight in check. The brand will also optimise material cross-sections and use sophisticated component shaping for a balance between comfort and safety. 

Mercedes-AMG is using function-integrated struts at the front and rear as well as aluminium thrust panels. The brand also reveals that the instrument panel support is made of magnesium, and the front module cover bridge is made out of a fibre composite material. Mercedes-AMG will be using hot-formed tubular steel for the windscreen frame. In conjunction with the hoops behind the seat that deploy at lightning speed, the high-strength frame material acts as rollover protection if necessary. 

Mercedes-AMG SL Roadster – Stiffness and Weight

Mercedes-AMG claims that the new body shell will have 18% increased torsional stiffness compared to the predecessor. The transverse rigidity is also 50% higher than that of the AMG GT Roadster. Also, the longitudinal rigidity is 40% higher than the predecessor. The weight of the pure bodyshell is around 270 kg. This does not include the doors, bonnet and boot lid. The brand also reveals that the latest technology, including MIG welding, laser welding, punch riveting, blind riveting, MIG soldering, glued seams or flow hole bolts, will be put to use. 

Similar to the preceding SL, the production of the new SL will also take place at the Bremen plant.

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