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Mercedes-Benz extends service & warranty period, shares lockdown car care tips

Written by Nayak

Mercedes-Benz India also announces the extension of warranty and services for its customers. The brand is extending the Standard Warranty expiring between 15th April and 31st May 2021 to 30th June 2021. The customers who missed their scheduled annual service in the above mentioned period can service their vehicles till 30th June 2021, without affecting the warranty benefits.

Customers must report all the claims related to Advance Assurance Extended warranty or Motor insurance (Daimler Financial Services Insurance) before June 2021. These claims will only pass if the extended warranty or motor insurance on the car has expired between 15th April 2021 and 31st May 2021.

All Other Services Covered Under This Service Extension Initiative

The customers looking to buy the extended warranty need to know a few points. Suppose the vehicle’s standard warranty period of 3 years expires between 15th April 2021 and 31st May 2021. In that case, the customers can buy the Advance Assurance extended warranty by simply calling their nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership before 30th June 2021. Mercedes-Benz will also provide Roadside Assistance with permissions from the official authorities to ensure full customer support. The customers looking to buy insurance through Daimler Financial Services can do so by calling their nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer. They will then get their policy via email with all the terms and conditions mentioned.

Mercedes-Benz Shares Cars Tips During Lockdown

To help the customers keep their cars in their best condition, Mercedes-Benz has shared a few tips. The company mentions that checking the tyre pressure of the vehicle in this lockdown is very important. Customers must move the car back and forth at least once a week to avoid flat tyre spots. The customers are also advised not to keep their vehicles under direct sunlight for an extended period. This could cause overheating of the car interiors, and hence using a car cover is advisable. This protects the car from rodents, dry leaves and bird droppings.

The windshield wipers should also be kept in the rested position and not vertically upright, potentially damaging the wiper blades. Remove all the leftover wrappers, medicines etc. and keep the interiors as clean as possible. Customers should switch on the ignition at least once a week for about 10 minutes. This makes sure that the starter battery does not drain. Customers should also turn the AC on in this period to keep the car ventilated. Keep the vehicle centrally locked and take the keys out of the ignition to prevent the discharge of the starter battery.

Cars Tips To Follow After Lockdown

The car should be kept idle after the ignition and keep the engine running for a few minutes. This ensures complete lubrication of the engine and helps the fluid attain its optimum temperature. Mercedes-Benz has advised not to crank the engine repeatedly if the battery is too low. Customers may contact the 24×7 breakdown service at 000 800 0501 888. The brand also advises the customers to first clean the windshield with ample water before using the wipers. Also, check and top up the windshield fluid.

Customers should also check and attain the correct tyre pressure using a portable inflator before driving out. Customers should also check the brakes and gradually apply pressure 3 to 4 times while driving out. This will remove the rust and moisture in the brakes, if any. Look for any warning signals in the instrument cluster and report them to the service centre. Customers are also requested to make an appointment for the due service as soon as possible with their nearest service centre once the lockdown is over.

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