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Maruti Suzuki launches Quick Response Team

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Maruti Suzuki has taken a new initiative of setting up motorcycles as a quick response team to assist customers. Dubbed as ‘Quick Response Team on Bikes’, Maruti Suzuki has rolled of a fleet of 350 motorcycles for 251 cities in the first phase. The brand plans to expand this to 500 cities by the end of 2020.

The primary objective of this ‘Quick Response Team on Bikes’ is to offer on-road assistance to customers much faster. The motorcyclist team will have all the essential tools and critical spare parts to help restore the vehicle to running condition. Maruti Suzuki claims that nearly 90% of the problems faced by customers can be handled by this QRT mechanics.

When a breakdown is reported, making use of GPS location, a nearby QRT technician will be assigned for assistance. ETA will be shared with the customer who has a vehicle in distress. Maruti Suzuki already has 415 on-road servive vehicles in addition to these 350 bikes.

Customers who have their cars beyond warranty, can opt for the QRT service on demand basis with a charge ranging between INR 420 – 575.