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Benelli TNT 25, TNT 899, TNT 1130R, TNT 600 GT discontinued in India

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Mahavir Group has taken over Benelli from DSK after the latter has found themselves in financial trouble. Now, it comes to our notice that Benelli has discontinued quite a few models from their Indian product portfolio. DSK has discontinued the TNT 25, TNT 899, TNT 1130R, TNT 600 GT models in India.

As a part of the new plan for the Indian market, Mahavir Group will now focus on new motorcycles for India. For now, only the Benelli TNT 300, TNT 600i & 302R remain on sale.

Benelli is planning to launch the TRK 502 adventure motorcycle and the Leoncino naked motorcycle in India in the coming months. Both these models are all-new, and will cater to a new buyer set.