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Mahindra XUV700 recalled for suspension problem

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Mahindra has announced a technical service bulletin for the XUV700. According to the bulletin, the fix is applicable for all the variants of the XUV700 – petrol manual, petrol automatic, diesel manual and diesel automatic. The carmaker identified the problem of noise coming from the front suspension under normal operating conditions.

What is the Recall for?

It is said that customers of the new XUV700 have reported some noise coming in from the front suspension. This “gud-gud” noise has been identified due to the front lower control arm and its rear control bush.

To fix this, Mahindra will be calling in customers for a fix. The carmaker will replace the front lower control arm and replace the rear control bush to fix this noise. The outer diameter of the bush has changed from 64.7 mm to 68 mm. Further, the bush design has also been updated. Additionally, both the left and right lower control arms have been modified to accommodate the larger diameter bush. Even the rear bush sleeve has been changed from the ones on the car.

Applicability of this Recall

Mahindra has said that both the XUV700 petrol and diesel units manufactured at its Chakan plant have been recalled. The cut-off number for the VIN of the affected units is N6K18709.

This is not the first time that the carmaker has recalled the XUV700. Earlier, Mahindra had recalled the all-wheel-drive units of the flagship SUV in the month of July 2022. The car was also recalled for turbocharger and alternator belt issues earlier.

Mahindra XUV700’s long waiting period

Despite this, the bookings for the XUV700 are going strong. Just a while back, Mahindra announced that bookings for its flagship SUV crossed the 1.5 lakh mark. The waiting periods have also been large, but some say they have started coming down from the initial one-year timeframe. At present, Mahindra has sold over 42,000 units of the SUV.

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