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Made-in-India Dispatch e-Scooter coming soon

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Electric mobility company, Dispatch will launch a Made-in-India e-scooter for the world by the first quarter of 2023. The upcoming Dispatch e-Scooter will be the world’s first purpose-built e-scooter. Dispatch aims to solve the biggest challenge in commercial mobility. The e-scooter will be tougher, more reliable, ergonomic and connected. Furthermore, it will be adaptable to suit unit economics and higher profitability better. The Dispatch e-scooter also enables business models to have the flexibility to pivot when business demands, without replacing the fleet.

The company has also revealed a video of the new e-Scooter. We can get the first look at the upcoming scooter in the video. The video also shows the flexibility of the purpose-built e-Scooter and gives us a glimpse of the possible configurations.

Dispatch e-Scooter – Future Plans

Dispatch has already secured a Tier-1 supply chain for all critical components. These include the mechanical parts, electronics and powertrain components to ensure high-quality standards. The company also has been testing for reliability and validation for close to a year now. Dispatch has partnered with one of the largest contract manufacturers globally. The manufacturer has an installed capacity of up to 6 million scooters per anum for its e-scooter. Hence, adopting a capex approach.

The Dispatch e-Scooter tries to overcome the mobility challenges delivery partners and fleet owners face. One of the challenges is scooters designed for personal mobility are also being used for logistics. The company aims to solve these challenges and help fleet owners transition to a 100 per cent electric fleet by 2030.

Dispatch has various IP registrations filed and accepted in 32+ countries. The company continues to file new IPs. The company is leveraging years of experience and understanding of the ecosystem to build a solution to the prevalent problem, not just a vehicle.

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