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Lucid Air will get 21-speaker Dolby Atmos sound system

Written by Nayak

Lucid Motors, one of the emerging luxury electric vehicle manufacturers, becomes the first-ever car to integrate with Dolby Atmos. The company’s first car, Lucid Air is one of the most captivating electric vehicles in terms of overall design. The company claims that the EPA range of the car is around 500 miles with a 0 to 60-mile sprint in under 2.5 seconds. The vehicle is available for pre-booking and customers looking to get an impression of the vehicle can visit one of the Lucid Motors Studios in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, San Jose, Newark, Miami or West Palm Beach. The production of Lucid Air will start from the second half of 2021 at its new factory in Casa Grande in Arizona.

The Integration with Dolby Atmos

This is the first time that an automotive company is collaborating with Dolby Atmos to set up the sound system. In the Lucid Air, Dolby Atmos will provide a 21-speaker Surreal Sound System which includes, rear, side, front and height speakers placed optimally with utmost precision thus providing the best-in-class multi-dimensional sound output. The system will also provide directional acoustic signalling of notifications, warnings, and all other driver and passenger alert thus improving the overall safety of the vehicle. Lucid claims to tune the music output of the speakers according to the legendary Capitol Records Studio C that aims to completely transform music listening in cars.

Sound and Safety

Lucid mentions that this sound system will also add to improving the overall safety of the car. The acoustic signalling of notifications, warnings, indications and all the other audio emitted to alert the driver and passengers will add up as driving aids. The company mentions that, for seat belt warning, the sound will come out from the specific direction of the unbuckled belt, for the blind-spot detection system, the system will help focus the driver’s attention through its acoustic warning and even the turn signals will sound to the direction specific to the indicated side of the vehicle.