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LML and eROCKIT to manufacture hyperbike in India

Written by Rohit Tonapi

LML and eROCKIT signed an LOI to form a joint venture to manufacture hyperbikes in India. If the parties agree to the joint venture, the mass production will commence in India. LML’s facility will manufacture the products and sell them globally, including in the Indian market. The companies say they will develop many exciting products together. They will use eROCKIT’s R&D and expertise in this category for the global markets.

The companies say the existing EV categories are now fatigued, and that’s what they want to change. The eROCKIT is an answer to those looking for a superbike’s excitement, the fitness of an e-bicycle and an electric two-wheeler’s sustainability. Both the companies plan to fast track the adoption rates of EVs in India. LML wants to bring German technology to India and localise it fully. If the bike is localised fully in India, it will be FAME-II Subsidy complaint. However, the Indian version will need an additional throttle assist in complying with the CMVR homologation. 

eROCKIT – What is it?

The eROCKIT is a unique pedal-powered electric motorcycle. It is a hyper bike that runs with the pedalling and gets an advanced battery and an electric direct-drive motor. The innovative, clutch-free direct drive intelligently adapts to the pedal control. While the human is pedalling, the bike multiplies his muscle power many times.

Additionally, the company claims that this gives the riders an “indescribable, magic driving experience”. The German manufacturer refers to it as a Hyper Human Hybrid. The EV redefines the motorcycle riding experience, unlike any other two-wheeler.

eROCKIT – When will it come?

People consider eROCKIT the Tesla of electric two-wheelers. We will have to wait and see when LML will bring the Made in India eROCKIT. Although, for the Indian EV industry, it is a piece of excellent news. The move will encourage other global EV manufacturers to set up Made in India products plants. The localisation of products will significantly reduce the prices of EVs in India. Thus, increasing the EV adoption rates exponentially. 

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