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Komaki Electric Vehicle now available via online booking

Written by Nayak

Komaki Electric Vehicle, one of India’s emerging electric vehicle brands, announces the launch of its online booking service. The company mentioned that now the customers can make online bookings of the vehicles of their choice. This simple two-step booking process first prompts the customer to choose their specific model. Then the customer needs to select the desired mileage, and after this, the booking is successfully made. Komaki will then transfer the booking request to the nearest dealership to the customer’s delivery address. Komaki mentioned that this online booking platform would help meet the recent spike in demand for electric vehicles in the country.

Demand For Electric-Vehicles In India Growing At A Steady Pace

For the past few years, the demand for electric vehicles has been growing at a very healthy pace in India. There are multiple reasons to support this change. Firstly, electric vehicles are much more environmentally friendly than their fossil-fuel counterparts. The pollution levels in India are in terrible condition, especially in metropolitan cities. Thus, environment-conscious citizens are now opting for electric vehicles and help lower the carbon footprint. Secondly, EVs are also much cheaper to maintain and have a meagre cost per kilometre. This is also attracting a significant number of customers.

The charging infrastructure is also developing rapidly, which was earlier acting as one of the critical barriers to the sale of electric vehicles in the country. Along with many state governments, the central government has also laid down plans to build and install a robust and comprehensive charging network. The Delhi government plans to add more than 10,000 charging stations in the national capital by December 2021. Central and various state governments also provide incentives to buy electric vehicles, thus luring in more customers to opt for e-vehicles.

Future Plans For Komaki

The R&D team in Komaki has done a detailed analysis, and they are planning to launch new models. As mentioned by Komaki, the batteries used in these new models will likely have a range of up to 220 km. For April 2021, Komaki posted a total sales of 2,100 vehicles. This figure is quite significant given the various lockdowns and restrictions laid down across the country.

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