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New battery tech from Komaki delivers 220+ km range

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Electric mobility brand, Komaki has filed patents and awaiting approvals for a new in-house developed battery. The brand did not disclose the material of construction of the battery but reveals that a new and improved grade of Lithium cells is under development.

Komaki Battery Technology

The new battery also claims to outdo conventional batteries featuring on electric vehicles. The brand also reveals that the new batteries are lightweight and also capable of fast charging. According to Komaki, the new batteries will have a charging time of 4-5 hours and return a mileage of 170-220 km on a single charge. Along with the brand’s regenerative braking technology, the new battery will further reduce the need for charging. The brand claims that the battery can provide more than 220 km of range on a single charge in Eco mode.

Komaki Battery Warranty

Komaki has announced that the new battery will come with a 3-year warranty. The warranty includes (2 years free + 1-year service warranty). The long-range battery with the regenerative braking system from Komaki’s two-wheeler range will significantly reduce the range anxiety of the customer. According to the brand, this will help the customer as the development of a public charging system is still a few years away in India.

Komaki Scooters that feature the new Battery Pack

Komaki has announced that the new battery will be employed on three Komaki electric scooters. The models include the XGT-KM, the X-One and the XGT-X4 smart scooters. The model starting with the latest battery technology will come with a starting price of INR 85,000 ex-showroom. The brand also reveals that the electric scooter will be available from 1st June 2021. The electric scooter will be exclusively available through Komaki’s dealerships.

Furthermore, Komaki is making a significant investment in the R&D of new technology. Under the initiative, Komaki will be able to provide the maximum possible range per charge on its EVs. The brand also reveals that a new battery is being developed for the Komaki X4. This new battery will return a range of 350-400 km per charge.

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