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Kawasaki ZH2 & ZH2SE launched in India starting at INR 23,02,000

Written by Nayak

India Kawasaki Motors Pvt. Ltd. (IKM) has brought in two new products. The two-wheeler maker has launched its flagship supercharged naked MY23 Z H2 and Z H2 SE. Customers can have the Z H2 in “Metallic matte graphene steel Gray”. The price tag starts from INR 23,02,000 (Ex-showroom). Meanwhile, the Z H2 SE is available in “Metallic matte graphene steel Gray” with prices starting from INR 27,22,000  (Ex- Showroom).

Minimalist Design Language To Its Core

The styling of the Z Series flagship Z H2 SE draws its inspiration from Sugomi and the Minimalist design concept. The dynamic crouching form calls to mind a predator poised to attack. Meanwhile, the asymmetric Ram Air intake on its left side are elements that represent its fiercely intense and highly individualistic Sugomi design. The compact chassis is the product of the minimalist design philosophy of Kawasaki. All functional parts are shown simply, without flourish, and made as simple as possible. On the other hand, the prominent display of the new steel trellis frame and its aluminium pivot plate adds to its importance. This is for both functional and styling elements.

What So Special About Z H2 And Z H2 SE?

The Z H2 and Z H2 SE are amongst the few products that have the rights to use “Kawasaki river mark”. This is because this esteemed logo is only limited to models with historical significance. Since the Z H2 and Z H2 SE is one of the iconic Kawasaki products, the use of the Kawasaki river mark is available under special permission.

The Z H2 and Z H2 SE form part of Kawasaki’s modern development philosophy. It enables a wider range of riders to understand the pleasure of riding a motorcycle. The Z H2’s supercharged engine with over 200 PS of power achieves extraordinary power and easy-to-manage power delivery.

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