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JK Tyre reveals EV-specific Smart Radial tyres

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

JK Tyre India has taken yet another step to enhance its technological prowess in the industry further. This time the company has announced a new range of EV-specific Smart radial tyres for all categories. This includes buses, trucks, LCVs and Passenger Cars in India. The engineers from the state-of-the-art global technology centre – Raghupati Singhania Centre of Excellence (RPSCOE), designed and developed these tyres.

EV Centric Road Tyres

These sets of tyres cater to the unique needs of electric mobility. JK Tyre has been a pioneer of innovation and technology. And the introduction of these tyres asserts the above fact to a great extent. With the growing demand for the EV sector in India, the development of EV-oriented technology remains a key focus for the company. These Smart tyres get EV-specific next-gen design philosophy making. This results in tyres that are Smarter, Quieter, Durable and more Energy Efficient. The special needs of EVs make these so much better. They are ultra-low on rolling resistance, have improved wet and dry traction, higher durability and lower energy consumption.

To meet the challenging lower noise requirements of EVs, the tread pattern also uses an advanced FEA simulation for lower noise and better wear characteristics. The equipped in-house developed and perfected Tree TPMS sensors also make the smart EV tyres from JK Tyres meet the demanding performance needs of EV trucks, buses, LCVs, Passenger Cars, SUVs and 2Wheelers.

The Smart EV tyre range is available for all categories of buses, trucks and LCVs. The available sizes fall in the range of 17.5” and 22.5” tubeless sizes. The EV range of tyres (255/70R22.5 and 295/80R22.5) is being supplied to JBM EV buses. Thus, with more new launches happening in both passenger and commercial segments, we can expect more sales volume for JK Tyres in the near future.

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