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Hydrogen Vision 2040 – Hyundai reveals future hydrogen-based cars

Written by Nizam Shaikh

The Hyundai Motor Group has announced its Vision for hydrogen energy and a global hydrogen society. Hyundai revealed the plans during the ‘Hydrogen Wave’ global online forum. The Hyundai Group plans to electrify the all-new commercial vehicle models. The brand plans to introduce fuel cell electric or battery-electric powertrains to all models by 2028.

Hydrogen Vision 2040

Through the Hydrogen Vision 2040, Hyundai aims to not only use hydrogen energy for transportation. But also apply the energy source to wider areas of industries. The Hyundai Group aims to make hydrogen energy available to ‘Everyone, Everything and Everywhere.’ The Group plans to address climate change through hydrogen solutions.

Hydrogen Vehicles in Commercial Sector

According to Hyundai, the commercial vehicle sector emits more CO2 and requires longer drive ranges’. Therefore, Hyundai Motor Group plans to begin the Hydrogen Vision 2040 with commercial vehicles. The brand also revealed that it would launch all-new commercial vehicles such as buses and heavy-duty trucks for the global market as fuel cell electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles. The company plans to apply its fuel cell system to all commercial vehicle models by 2028. Hyundai is already producing the XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell heavy-duty truck. The brand also plans to introduce a tractor based on the XCIENT Fuel Cell by 2023.

Future of Hydrogen Mobility

In 2018, the company launched the next-generation fuel-cell SUV, NEXO. But the Hydrogen Fuel Cell applications will not be limited to passenger vehicles. The brand also plans to apply the technology in all areas of the energy sector. This includes the provision of electricity and heating to buildings, urban energy sources and power plants.

Furthermore, the Hydrogen fuel cell technology will also come to urban air mobility, robots, aircraft, large ships and high-performance vehicles. Hyundai is developing a Trailer Drone concept, Fuel Cell e-Bogie, a concept hydrogen-powered hybrid sports car named the Vision FK, a flying rescue drone that authorities can operate remotely, a portable hydrogen refuelling station and a Rescue Hydrogen Generator Vehicle.

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