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Honda’s EV could feature a Sony PS5 console

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Sony and Honda have some big plans to take on the EV segment. Under this partnership, the companies will use music, movies and the PlayStation 5 to take on Tesla and the rest of the automotive industry. The plan is to develop an electric car built around a premium entertainment experience. Sony Honda Mobility, which was established in September, plans to gain an edge over competitors by leveraging Sony’s powerful position in the global entertainment industry.

Honda To Leverage Sony’s Expertise

Sony is already a big name in the entertainment and electronics industry. It has content, services, and entertainment technologies that move people. Thus the company is adapting these assets to mobility to compete against the likes of Tesla. As of now, Tesla is not providing any content services, Sony mentioned. The company further hinted at integrating the PlayStation 5 platform into the cars. Honda, too mentioned that the company was adapting the car production process to put content first. The plan is to develop a car as hardware that will cater to the entertainment and network which Honda would like to offer, said, Mizuno. The current target is to roll out its first electric vehicle model in North America by 2025.

As apparent from the vision of both companies, they are working to adapt to shifting consumer preferences in cars. At the same time, they are also attempting to mount an entertainment-based challenge to Tesla. The Sony-Honda car will aim to compete with similarly software-focused vehicles produced by Google and Apple in the future. Furthermore, as sources say, the joint venture would also concentrate on perfecting a fully self-driving car.

Long-Term Plans For Sony

For Sony, the long-term aim is to sell more components, including sensors, to establish a foothold for the consumer electronics industry in the auto industry. As of now, Tesla hasn’t been able to achieve this ultimately, and the JV has done it much faster than Apple’s Project Titan. The electronics group also wants to show what it is capable of by developing a small-scale premium brand with Honda.

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