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Honda patents CL300 scrambler bike in India

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Breaking news from the house of Honda2Wheelers India. After the unveiling of the twin-cylinder CL500 scrambler at EICMA last year. Honda had showcased its smaller derivative, the CL300, at the beginning of this year. Now, as per reports, this motorcycle’s design has now been patented for the Indian market.

Noteworthy to mention that Honda patenting the designs of overseas models in India is nothing strange. We are aware that the brand has been doing this for a long time. This is mostly to protect its intellectual property over the motorcycle. In the recent past, we saw the new Transalp adventure bike and Forza 350 maxi-scooter patented for the India market. But there are some other factors that make us believe that Honda could launch the CL300 in our market.

What Is The CL300?

The biggest talking point in its favour is that the 286cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine. This engine is already doing its duty in the CB300R street naked. But, it makes about 5 HP more. Another key factor favouring the CL300 is its pricing. In markets where both the motorcycles are sold together, the CL300 retails with a cheaper price tag than the CB300R.

Interestingly enough, Honda has managed to localise the CB300R to some extent for the Indian market. Thus it now retails with a fairly competitive price tag of INR 2.77 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi. Thus, if the CL300 falls in a similar price tag as Honda might just achieve a similar level of localisation for that motorcycle as well

Demand High For Scrambler Motorcycles

Nevertheless, with the increase in the demand for scrambler format motorcycles. If the CL300 arrives in our market, it will find its fair share of takers. Thus there is a chance that Honda could put in the investment and resources to bring the CL300 to our shores. However, till now, there is no official communication from Honda.

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