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Honda launches ‘Pro Honda’ engine oil for 2-wheelers India

Written by Tanisha Arora

Pro Honda is a after sales oil brand of Honda Motor Co Ltd. It was tested and approved by the Honda engineers to maintain the performance of Honda engines. Pro Honda two-wheeler engine oil provides the Indian market with better anti-rust properties, longer engine life, higher fuel efficiency, low viscosity and environment friendly, low emissions. Pro Honda oils and lubricants are formulated to meet specific vehicle needs. It ensures proper performance and longevity of the vehicle.

Pro Honda Oil

Pro Honda 10W30 and Pro Honda 5W30 are available for motorcycles (10W30 MA) and scooters (10W30 MB), these are two new exclusive engine oil and can be used on all applicable products.5W30 MA is only used for motorcycles, 5W30 MB only for scooters and Pro Honda 5W30 only for BS6 compliant Honda 2-wheelers.

Price of Pro Honda Oil

The products are available at HMSI touch points and also as open market packs. Quantity available includes 600 ML, 800 ML, 900 ML, 1000 ML and 1200 ML. Pro Honda 10W30 starts at INR 333 for 800 ML and Pro Honda 5W30 starts at INR 311 for 600 ML.

Pro Honda oils seeks to develop the quality of engine oils. As widely known, engine oils are chemical mixtures of base oils and performance additives, Honda here tries to achieve a balance of oils so the vehicle can perform to its utmost ability.

What’s Next?

Rumours suggest that Honda is gearing up to launch a new motorcycle based on their 350cc platform, which will be a sibling to the H’ness CB 350 & CB 350 RS. This could be a cruiser styled motorcycle, but no spyshots have emerged till date to give us an idea of what to expect. Honda’s 350cc range has gained popularity in the mass market segment thanks to good rideability, good torque and overall good product quality. Sales are not as high as expected, only because of limited dealer network.

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