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Hero Electric will set up 10,000 EV charging stations in India soon

Written by Nayak

Hero Electric aims to set up 10,000 EV charging stations across the country. To accomplish this, the two-wheeler manufacturer has tied up with ‘Massive Mobility,’ a Delhi based startup offering end-to-end EV charging solutions. This charging infrastructure will be open to all EV owners, thus stepping up a standardized and universal charging solution. This network will cater to the 3-wheeler and 2-wheeler electric vehicles plying on the Indian roads.

With the growing demand for electric vehicles across the country, there’s a high demand for a robust and wide charging infrastructure. Multiple OEMs, along with other battery making companies, have already made quite progress in certain cities. And now, Hero Electric joins them to work together and ramp up the e-mobility infrastructure across the country. This will further push more customers to opt for electric vehicles and part their way with ICE-powered vehicles.

Customers Want Smart Chargers

As per Hero Electric, the brand conducted a survey to measure consumer’s behaviour while utilizing EV charging stations. And a survey suggests that the customers are looking for smart chargers which can be easily mapped and found using their smartphones. Other demands of the customers were 16 AMP charging stations and lengthy charging cords.

With the use of a Wi-Fi network, users can set up their profile in the Massive Charging app. This will enable them to leverage seamless payment with the UPI framework. As of now, Hero Electric has a total of 1,650 charging stations, aiming to achieve the 20k figure by the end of 2022. This partnership with Massive Mobility will help accomplish the target and fulfil the objective.

Hero Electric’s Plan For The Future

Being the country’s largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer, the company has some serious plans under its sleeves. Its low-cost range of products is a definite hit, especially in the rural areas, which are also now catching up with the EV revolution. Currently, at 700 sales and service outlets across the country, the company is increasingly expanding its reach to more cities and towns. Hero Electric will continue to introduce more innovative products that will help garner more sales.

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