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Hero Electric ‘Celebrate Your Freedom’ launched with upto INR 6,000 benefits

Nizam Shaikh
Written by Nizam Shaikh

Hero Electric on the event of 74th Independence day rolled out the “Celebrate Your Freedom Campaign”. The new initiative offers Hero Electric customers ‘liberation’ from petrol-powered two-wheelers and the cost of petrol that is incurred in an everyday commute. To enable customers to acquire Hero Electric E-bikes with ease the brand has announced new customer-centric schemes under the new initiative. 

The new “Celebrate Your Freedom Campaign” comes with a reward scheme extending benefits up to INR 6,000. Any customer who purchases Hero Electric E-Bike gets a discount of INR 3,000 and an additional INR 2,000 if such customer is referred from an existing Hero Electric customer, who in turn gets an INR 1,000 voucher from Amazon. The Celebrate Your Freedom Campaign is available only on the Hero Electric High-Speed Lithium-Ion range of E-Bikes. The offer is valid from from 13th to 31st August 2020 and the brand’s 3-day return policy and home delivery option continue as before for customers throughout India.

Recently the brand also announced its sales report and even during the COVID-19 pandemic Hero Electric engaged with over 40,000 customers resulting in a six-fold increase in its online sales over the previous year within in the first four months of 2020-21. “JMK Research and Analytics” also announced that top electric vehicles manufacturer in the first four months of the current year with a market share of 36% in the High-Speed Segment. Hero Electric already commands a market share of 45% in the balance category of electric two-wheelers giving it the top position in the electric two-wheeler segment.

The Hero Electric product portfolio includes Flash, Nyx, Optima, Photon, Flash, Dash and also the ER (Extended Range) variants which include the Optima ER and Nyx ER along with Glyde and E-Cycle.

Hero Electric is the largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India with a total installed capacity of 100,000 units per annum from its manufacturing facility in Ludhiana, Punjab. The brand also has over 610 sales and service outlets spread across the country.