Hand signaling on a motorcycle

Hand signaling on a motorcycle
Written by Paarth Powale

If you’re the one who usually leads the pack during a bike ride, you need to know a couple of easy hand signals which can help communicate messages to riders behind.

There’s no official rule for using hand signals while riding a motorcycle, however, motorcyclists need to communicate too. Whether it’s for other riders or drivers, its essential for everyone to know these basic signs. Knowing these signals will help you get noticed a lot more, sometimes blinkers can go unnoticed. Make not of a few of these easy hand signals:

Left Turn: Left arm extended with palm facing down.

left turn

Right Turn: Arm out with fist clenched. Arm bent at 90 Degree angle.

right turn

Stop: Arm extended down at 90 Degree, palm facing back.


Speed up: Swinging extended arm from bottom to top, palm facing front.

speed up

Slow Down: Swinging extended arm from top to bottom, palm facing down.

slow dow

Follow me: Arm extended straight up, palm forward.

follow me

You lead: Extend arm 45 degree downward, now pointing with your index finger flex your arm back and forward.

you lead

Hazard on the Road: If hazard on the left, point with left hand, on the right point with right foot.

hazard left and right

Refreshment stop: Fingers closed thumb to mouth.

refreshment stop

Indicators on: Open and close your fist with your arm extended.

indicators on

Pull over: Swing your arm over from your shoulder to your head.

pull over

Cops ahead: Tap on your helmet with palm down.

cops ahead

Refuel Stop: Arm out to the side, pointing towards the tank.



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