Why a higher cc motorcycle is not a good beginner bike

Written by Paarth Powale

Remember when you were learning to drive the car in the driving school, they always handed you an old, ill maintained car. While learning you stalled the car many times, sometimes over accelerated and jerked. You may have even damaged the car. But all this was okay because it was an old wreck of a car anyways.

Now image learning how to drive in a Lamborghini. It may sound pretty awesome, but think of the consequences if you make the same mistakes on this car. With so much power and sensitive steering you may surely end up in trouble. And after which the scratch on the shiny paint is sure to hurt you inside.

The same goes for motorcycles but with more difficulty. Goofing up on a smaller cc motorcycle will be more forgiving. We recommend your first motorcycle to be less than 200cc. With higher cc motorcycles comes added dangers. They require extra skill in throttle control and diligent braking. Motorcycles over 300cc have incredible acceleration and your chances of popping up an unexpected wheelie are higher. At the same time they are capable of achieving higher speeds and are even more sensitive to rider inputs. Such powerful machine in the hands of an inexperienced rider could mean threat to the rider and others.

Understanding the basics of riding, such as throttle control, braking, turning, cornering takes a while and a lot of practice. We recommend you choose something below 200cc and preferably a naked variant so you don’t have to worry about scratching your fairing if you drop it. It’s common that we hear someone wrecking their ride weeks after they started riding. So it’s better you stick to lower cc motorcycles while learning, because if you crash, it will not only hurt your pride, but will also hurt your wallet and your bones.

Here’s a video of first time riders using higher cc motorcycles. The crashes could have been avoided if they used smaller cc rides…