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Government wants commercial buildings to set up EV charging points

Written by Nayak

The Delhi Government is taking proactive steps to help boost the sales of electric vehicles in the national capital region. It is a known fact about the situation of pollution level in Delhi of which tailpipe pollutants are a major contributor. Electric vehicles are the answer to Delhi’s alarming pollution level, in fact, the government itself is planning to utilize only electric vehicles in its fleet by August 6, 2021. Robust and wide charging infrastructure is the most important aspect to attract more customers to join the electric vehicle movement and that is where India needs to improve. Keeping that in mind, Delhi Government plans to add more than 10,000 charging points across the capital of which the maximum will come up in the commercial buildings.

Delhi Government’s Plan To Boost Charging Stations

Most of the commercial parking centres can be the best location to set up charging points, thus the Delhi Government is conceptualization a plan where they would utilize all the commercial parking spaces of malls, shopping complexes, cinema halls, multiplexes, office spaces, restaurants, hospitals and hotels to reserving at least 5% of their total parking capacity for electric vehicles. These parking stations will also have integrated charging points which would help boost the number of charging points in the city. Currently, there are a total of 72 electric vehicle charging stations in Delhi and the government plans to increase the count to more than 500 in the next 6 months. In a nutshell, the Delhi Government is setting up a target to have a charging station every 3 kilometres.

Switch Delhi – An Initiative to Boost The Sales Of Electric Vehicles In Delhi

The Delhi government started the ‘Delhi EV Policy’ with a vision to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in the city. Under this policy, the aim is to deploy 25% of the new vehicles to be battery-powered vehicles by 2024. A document issued by the Delhi Government gives a detailed price break up of all the eligible electric vehicles including all incentives and exemptions.