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Goodyear & Plus working together On Autonomous Trucks

Written by Nayak

Goodyear Tire and Rubber company announce its collaboration with Plus, a global provider of self-driving technology. Under this partnership, Goodyear will aim to enhance transportation efficiency and safety for semi-trucks. Goodyear’s suite of services will aid Plus’s Level 4 autonomous driving technology to reduce carbon footprint as well. Plus, it makes use of a powerful technology stack like AI to support its system. And Goodyear will explore how to use Plus’s autonomous driving system to improve fuel efficiency and optimal usage. Plus’s online machine learning-based fuel economy efficiency will incorporate feedback from Goodyear’s connected tires, thus helping to improve the fuel economy considerably.

As the world moves into the digital revolution, the automobile sector is also benefiting greatly due to this. There are numerous examples of how technology has made the job so much easier for automotive companies. Customers are also enjoying the benefits in the form of the latest tech-driven features that make their lives so much easier as well.

Plus’s Autonomous Driving System For Truck

One of the key-value additions of this system is improving the vehicle’s overall performance in severe weather and extreme road conditions. Plus’s driver-in autonomous driving solution, PlusDrive, has already been deployed to customers. The production of the (First Automobile Works) FAW J7 L3 truck which PlusDrive powers, will start in the 3rd quarter of 2021. This partnership is quite important from an economic term of view. Plus will incorporate Goodyear’s expert knowledge in the tire industry and support efficient fleet operations. When both the company’s fuel efficiency technology comes into the picture, there’s a significant development in that area.

Goodyear As We Know

This tyre company is one of the oldest tyre manufacturers based out of the US. Founded way back in 1898, today Goodyear produces tyres for commercial trucks, private cars, race cars, aeroplanes, farm equipment, motorcycles and more. Currently, it employs close to 72,000 personnel across its 54 facilities located in 23 countries worldwide.

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